Navigate - Part 7

Feb 18, 2023

Hey Warrior...NAVIGATE!

Healing, it's something you never thought possible. Looking back, you see the moment that your life changed forever, and you remember the lump in the pit of your stomach that you never thought would go away. The pain, the very real pain, has not completely ended, and truth is, it won't. But, what it will do, is change. It will definitely be triggered at times, even if those times are fewer and fewer, but triggered nonetheless.

You will see that your history of navigating this unexpected moment has not only brought you to a place where you never thought you would be but has also provided with it a history that proves that navigation is possible and overcoming is attainable. This is not the first, nor the last, time that you will be face to face with the gut-wrenching pain of a mishap. Oh yes, it will happen again in some other way, but here you are. Surviving.

Are the ideas expressed in this mini-series an exhaustive approach to overcoming any issue? No. But they are mindsets that we need to adopt, choices we need to make, and realities that we need to know are true. So as you walk, walk with assurance. Assurance that you are strong. Assurance that you are not alone. Assurance that you are wise. Walk, yes, tiptoe if you must, but move. And always, ALWAYS, as you look back, no matter what you find, let it be a lesson that you learned that helps you charge forward.