Navigate - Part 6

Feb 17, 2023

Hey Warrior...NAVIGATE!

One of the most challenging things we navigate as we begin to work toward healing and recovery is expectation, thoughts, what everyone else might think, peer pressure, family pressure, etc. We find ourselves making strides and then, sometimes out of nowhere, we have walked right in to the opinion of others. In these moments, we must look back and see who those few were that we saw when we looked around us and determined what our current reality was. THOSE people, those friends, those family members are the ones we need to listen to and value their opinion. Truth is, you probably have been listening to their wisdom already. They are probably already speaking truth into your life....truth that is born out of love, and also out of a duty to protect you and care for you well.

If this is the case, then lean on that and, as hard as it seems, allow that to fill in the areas where doubt and fear may creep in. It is easy, and almost expected, to be extremely sensitive to the thoughts of the crowd, but those thoughts can not occupy the critical mental head space that sound truth and sound wisdom must occupy. Yes, take the wisdom of your friends and family, only if they are those truth-worthy few who love you enough to tell you the truth, speak to you and not about you, ask you the hard questions without inserting their own answers, and walk with you every step of the way. The expectations and thoughts of those close few, are never going to come in the form of doubt. They will be known. They will be trusted. They will be kind.