Navigate - Part 5

Feb 16, 2023

Hey Warrior...NAVIGATE!

So you're owning your current new reality, even if it just happened, or if the situation that rocked your world happened months or even years ago. It's time to move, and as someone once said "Crawl if you must..." How do I know where to go? What do I do with my grief-stricken or embarrassment-laden hands? Well, let me ask you a question...

What are you looking for?

I recently got to talk with a friend of mine and his first words, muffled with tears, were "I just want recovery." He was desperately looking, like we all do, but couldn’t see recovery because he kept seeing the thing he had lost. He really did want restoration, but needed help seeing that restoration may not look like recovering what once was. That’s what he thought his recovery had to include when maybe it was the thing that wasn’t even needed and the actual loss of it might just open doors for his ability to grow and help others. Now, am I saying that the loss of a loved one is a good thing for us? No, never. However, what I am saying is that with every loss, every mistake, every heartache, every misstep...there is an equal and opposite reaction that is solely based on how you react to the situation at hand. When we face the reality that "life will never be the same," we must also face the reality that ultimately that fact does not have to be a bad thing. Will it be better? Worse? No, and No. You can't compare the future with the past. The question to ask is "Will it be different? Yes. And for those of us dealing with things like the sudden loss of someone we love, different can be okay. And for those of us dealing with things like the revelation of some horrific mistake, different can be good.

He was carrying a gigantic burden that he didn’t have to carry as he was pursuing what he lost. Today, let's lay down those burdens and pursue recovery, knowing that recovering might just lead us to something different and equally good...and that is okay.

But b- b- but buuuuut, how do we navigate expectation, thoughts, what everyone else might think, peer pressure, family pressure, etc? Well, check back right here tomorrow.