Navigate - Part 4

Feb 15, 2023

Hey Warrior...NAVIGATE!

Did you hear me? You are at the intersection of where you begin to take steps to navigate the crisis at hand. It's time to take a step. Yes, you're hurting. Yes, you're scared. You've got a good idea of the reality around you, even if it's clouded with tears (see part 2). You may have completely lost it on a friend or family member (that's okay, see part 3) and you are pressing into who you are (again, see part 3).

So what's the first step? You don't have a clue where to go from here. You can't imagine life without this person that was just lost. You can't believe that you're having to PCS to THAT PLACE and all you can imagine is the misery coming. You can't face that person who you need to come clean to because of what you just did. You are humiliated because of what happened and you think every person around you is completely judging you and hates you. Whatever it is that you are navigating, use the reality of who you actually ARE and who you know actually LOVES you, and then OWN WHERE YOU ARE.

That will do two things:

1. Point you in the right direction.

2. Help you begin to process your current reality.

Know these things:

- Feeling the feelings sooner rather than later will spare us from falling victim to compounded feelings that could become cancerous to our souls.

- Doing the thing that you can't imagine doing right now sooner rather than later will get it behind you and you will in some weird way be glad that is over with, and the next time will be maybe a fraction easier.

- Owning your reality will leave no room for unanswered questions or interpretations from others. If you're worried about the consequences if you have something to confess, then confess. You may very well be dealing with hurt and anger probably from that other person, but you at least now are dealing with reality, not assumption.

Owning it does many things in your life, but this one final thing here is true: Taking this step reveals where you are weak and where you need help. And when it reveals it, it opens the door for you to find the help you may need.