I'm Paying Attention

Sep 8, 2021    I Got Your Six

How do you show someone that you are there? Simply by paying attention to what is going on in their life. You don't have to watch their life like a hawk, but rather, your consistency in how you press in shows them that they are valuable to you. Look at the things you value...what is true? Im willing to bet that you give that thing alot of attention. Same is true for the relationships that we value. You can't fix their problems, however, you can press in in the time when their problems are happening. You can take action. You can do something. Whether its a call or a text or a gift or a meal, simple action on your behalf will go a long way to let your friends KNOW that you give a $#!& about them, all because you paid attention to both what they said and what they didn't say.

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