Crushed by Loneliness

Sep 17, 2021

Everywhere you turn, you're faced with decisions. Do I do this? Do I go here? Move here? Reenlist? Pursue that next level? Talk about this problem? Say this? Get this shot? Wear a mask? What is best for my kids? Fight for my marriage? Look the other way? Forgive? And on...and on...and on...

If you really think about it, decisions, and the amount we have to make, will crush us if we aren't careful. For some, the ability to make a decision is somewhat foreign, for others, decision-making comes easy. But if our minds are left unchecked, we will find ourselves going down the slippery slope of our thoughts. Is this the right decision to make? Am I overanalyzing? Am I compromising my own beliefs? Am I right? Am I wrong?

Want to know how to begin the process of sharing the weight of decisions...whether you're faced with big, life altering ones or small, seemingly meaningless ones? Here's the secret... You ready? One word...DISCUSS!

Yep, it's that hard and that simple all mixed together. Have a conversation with someone you trust about the decisions you are facing. Those trusted few will help guide you. Here are a few things to keep in mind...

+ Don't present the answers you want to hear.
+ Ask to talk, explain the situation, and listen.
+ Discuss it with trusted friends...not folks who you think will go along with what you want.
+ Make pros and cons lists together.
+ Ask them to support you through whatever ways you need, such as prayer, accountability, more conversations, bold truth, etc.
+ Have a conversation over a meal. Create an atmosphere where you're talking while you're also doing something else. You'll be surprised how much easier it is to talk it out.
+ When discussion is over, decide, and move!

JOURNAL: Hit the "Take a Note" button on this page and write out your thoughts and use these questions as a guide.

+ What do I feel after reading this?
+ What can I do about it?