Teach the Kids

Aug 26, 2021
Never underestimate THEIR influence!
Here is your Day 5 Call-to-Action in our 14 Days to Influence Your World:


As your 'lil Warriors face heading off to school, now is the time to teach them the power of their actions. There is no greater influence in your kid's life than you, their parent. Show them what it looks like to be kind to others. Teach them the power of positive words. Help them understand that what they say or do to other kids and adults can have great impact in their life...both positive and negative.

Kids love stories, and they love stories of their heroes even more. And, guess what, when they look at you, they are looking at their hero. Tell them stories of a time when you may have been hurt by someones unkind words, and then contrast that with a time when you were built up because of what someone said or did. They will follow your lead. Lead them well.