Words of the Warrior

Jun 24, 2021    #TruthBeToldJournal
DID YOU KNOW? Truth is being spoken each and every day through our Truth Be Told Journal, exclusively on the EW App. Well, for the remainder of 2021, we're stepping up the effort to fight for your overall health and address things we all deal with when it comes to mental health, self esteem, anxiety, self-doubt, etc.

Starting with our new 7 day FIGHT mini-series, we're ending each TBT Journal Entry with a question or two for you to reflect on. HERE'S YOUR CHALLENGE: Inside of each entry, as you complete the day's reading, hit the "Take a Note" button and write out your thoughts, answers, cares, and concerns. This is your own 100% private, secure, built-in journal. It's that simple.

Between now and the end of the year, let's work to get in the habit of self reflection and writing, cause when we do, we challenge ourselves to come face to face with all aspects of who we are, and then we are better aware and able to process life as it happens and grow in a healthy way.

Are you up for the challenge? If so, hit up the TruthBeTold tab on the App, and get started TODAY.