Crushed by Burdens

Sep 15, 2021

Let's face it, today's world offers plenty of weight. What are some of the burdens you carry today? What has an effect on you? Current events? Personal relationships? Problems you're facing? The list is endless. NF has a song called "I'll Keep On." It actually just came on as I'm writing this. Weird how that works?! Anyway, the first line of the song is "Oh these hands are tired." I will be the first to admit that "tired" sometimes doesn't even begin to describe the feeling that carrying around extra weight creates. Yes, the weight is crushing.

Look at a suspension bridge...what do you see? Cars, a paved road, cables, pillars, (if you're in Louisiana, you see potholes...ha). With every passing vehicle, many things are happening...weight is fluctuating, different cables are ensuring that the bridge section doesn't collapse, weight is distributed between the pylons the cables are attached to, the asphalt underneath is wearing, and so on. While the bridge is built to support the ever-changing weight, one part of that bridge system can not handle the responsibilities of the other parts. It is a system, beautifully engineered to systematically work together.

That's us, and our burdens. Yes, burdens cause weight, however, there are parts of our lives that we may not be leaning on to help ensure that weight is distributed. Here are just a few of those things that can help you carry the weight of the burdens you have:
1. The people around you.
2. Your faith or spirituality
3. A doctor
4. A therapist
5. Your personal boundaries
6. Meditation
7. Time to yourself
8. Time with loved ones
9. A good conversation
10. Asking for help

Don't just wish your burdens away, but rather, give them their controlled space, keep them in perspective, and use them to enact change in yourself and in the world around you, especially if you're burdened for someone.

What are some other things you can lean on?

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