I'm Honest

Sep 10, 2021    I Got Your Six

In today's world, we see too many times where folks have a hard time with honesty...both with giving it and receiving it. It's something that we skirt around many times. Why? You ever heard the saying "The Truth Hurts"? Well, while it doesn't have to hurt, oftentimes, it really does. It is something we fear when we need to speak it and it is something we loathe when we are faced with it. When someone has your back...honesty in that relationship is VITAL to the strength of the relationship. You will not experience the true life-changing moments that those relationships have to offer if you do not have a place where you can experience true honesty. The person who doesn't tell you what you want to hear really is the person who loves you and wants what's best for you. The key to this is that this honesty must be filtered through love. Honesty without love is reckless and dangerous...honesty filtered through a love for your friend is life-giving and building.

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