RHYTHM: Pay Attention

Jul 12, 2021    Rhythm Part 3
Hey Warrior! Pay Attention!

You've heard it said "Reach out when you need help." Yes, by all means, reach out if you can. But we can not depend on people to reach out at their lowest and we can not depend on us reaching out when we are low. This is why we must pay attention.

Pay attention to yourself.
Pay attention to others.

As you go through out your day, intentionally slow down and look around. Ask yourself: Who am I seeing? Who is seeing me? Let those questions make you look for the "masks" and if you see someone wearing one around you, talk to them. And when you see that you are the one wearing one, take it off and find that person you can talk to. When you're a little bit more aware, things will be seen...and the culture around you will begin to change.

JOURNAL: Hit the "Take a Note" button on this page and write out your thoughts and use these questions as a guide.

+ What do I feel after reading this?
+ What can I do about it?