I'm Alone

Jul 24, 2021    You're Being Lied To - Part 5
Hey Warrior...

Ever felt as if you are in a crowded room, yet completely isolated from everyone around you. Thats another lie you're listening to. Now, I know sometimes situation happen and personalities inhibit our ability to just be Mr or Miss Social, that's not what I'm talking about in the least. What we believe silences the lies that we are alone is the realization that we don't have to isolate ourselves. Most of the time, we find ourselves alone because we have been the ones doing the isolating. When we don't feel worthy of love, acceptance, or caring, we subconsciously begin to place distance between us and the one's who love us, or the ones that COULD love us.

So, let me present this idea to you. What if you, in all of your you-ness, put yourself around folks, engaged in a conversation, and as you got to know people around you, you let them get to know the real you. Why not? Scared you will be judged? Go back and look at yesterdays post, and let any fear of judgement die. Not sure where to start? Call or text someone you already know. Start there. Just get to know people.

What happens many times is we mess up, sometimes habitually, and we feel as if we are doing everyone a favor by fading off into the distance. This begins a cycle that leads us to some very very dark and potentially dangerous places. The truth of the matter is this, no matter what you have done, there is no reason why you can not be loved and cared for. Sometimes though, the search for the right people that love and care for us takes a little effort on our behalf. Don't fall victim to the idea that folks are supposed to reach out to you. Yes, in a perfect world, that should happen. But, in reality, and unfortunately, it just doesn't happen all the time. Does that mean that people don't care? No, it means that life is busy and it may also mean that the other person is dealing with their own mess and they themselves don't have a clue how to eliminate isolation. So, pick up the phone, take the initiative, and eliminate the aloneness you may feel. Because, no matter what you think, you are never alone.

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